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  2. How to Recover Saved and Unsaved Office Files for Mac?
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Locate and mark the particular Excel file that has to be restored. In the case of multiple files, the search box found at the top left corner of the window can help find out the concerned file through target search. When you find the target Excel file, drag it to a particular location for recovery. On the other hand, you can right click on the file, and a drop-down menu would appear. Another proven solution on how to recover deleted Excel files on Mac involves the use of recent workbooks. This method is specifically applicable for recovery of Excel files which are unsaved due to the crash of Excel program.

Select the option to move to the next step for Excel recovery on Mac. You can double click on the unsaved Excel file to open it. You could also right-click on it to find a drop-down menu. AutoRecover and AutoSave features are basic features that help in saving files automatically. AutoRecover can be configured for saving the concerned files in Excel, and it can be used for recovery of unsaved files. The path for AutoRecover files on Office is considerably different from that of Office and Take note of the following paths to find better solutions on how to recover Excel file not saved on Mac.

Recover the files on Mac by double-clicking on them and then copy them to other locations for backup. Backups of Excel files can help in situations when the changes in files that are not meant to have been made and are saved.

Here are the steps to recover unsaved excel file on Mac or other versions by accessing the backup versions. The versions of the backup of the unsaved file would also display the time and date. Select the backup Excel files that you need to recover unsaved excel file on Mac and double click on it.

Recover Deleted and Lost Excel File on Mac

Another proven answer to recover excel document not saved on Mac is the Temporary folder. The Temporary folder contains automatically saved versions of the concerned Excel file. The following steps can be implemented for recovery of unsaved Excel file from Mac devices using the Temporary Folder. The options for recovering excel file disappeared on Mac can help deal with the damage. But, imagine how good it would be to be prepared in advance? Here are five tips which can help in easy recovery of unsaved files on Mac. The feature of AutoRecover for Excel in Mac can be configured to save a file according to the desired frequency.

Keep your systems safe from virus attacks as the attacks can corrupt the Excel files and cause frequent system crashes leading to more unsaved or lost Excel files.

It is also essential to be careful during formatting or partitioning off a drive and observe the implications that may arise. Improper partitioning of drives is accounted for as the most common cause of unsaved and lost Excel files.

Recover Unsaved Excel File on Mac

So, it is better to clarify this mistake. Do not use automated tools for cleanup of the system and to increase memory. These tools can delete unsaved files automatically at times, and hence they should be avoided at all costs. On a concluding note, the above piece of information could be a helpful tool for recovery of unsaved Excel files and preventing any additional damage in the future.

Furthermore, the tips to be careful with the accidental loss of Excel files or files becoming unsaved due to certain reasons can help considerably in staying away from unwanted troubles! Have you accidentally lost an important Excel file on your Mac device? Learn the different tricks to get back the unsaved Excel files on Mac so that your work goes on as usual.

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How to Recover Saved and Unsaved Office Files for Mac?

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Recover a formatted SD card. To recover excel file on Mac there are several ways that can be applied to get the work done. It is highly advised not to experiment with the excel file once it gets corrupted. The overwritten parts might get lost. It will then create a whole different scenario where you require hardware based data recovery.

It is expensive and tiresome process.

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Once the file gets corrupted or the wrong info is written in the wrong part then it is advised to leave as it is. Finding the solution online will lead you to success. Some of the solutions that this article will be dealing with are as follows. There are many scenarios that can lead to this issue.

The users can encounter any of the following scenarios on Mac when it comes to file corruption. To recover unsaved excel file on Mac you need to keep every point in mind before proceeding. The hard drive saves the data in every sector of its partition. With the passage of time there is constant wear and tear. If the hard drive is old then the bad sectors appear. These are the main causes of issues.

Recover Unsaved Word & Excel Documents on Mac OS X

If you want to know how to recover excel file on Mac then you should have complete knowledge about the bad sectors as well. Scanning the hard drive is one of the possible solutions but it does not work every time. This is another issue that is related to the problem. It is also one of the main causes of excel document not saved on Mac.

These clusters are lost due to bad sectoring as well as data writing property of excel. When the info is written or overwritten in the wrong part this issue occurs. It also means that the file is not recovered and the problem is faced. In such case you will not be able to add info to the file. It will also make sure that you are not able to access the file.

Once the clusters are loss the file link is missed when the system tries to access it.

How to Recover unsaved Excel file

It then creates issues with the file opening and accessing and it becomes corrupted. It is something that is most common of all. To recover unsaved excel file on Mac this is one of the scenarios that you should keep in mind.