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The method you use depends on the way your text is set up, as well as the version of Word you are using. You can quickly sort any list in alphabetic or reverse alphabetical order with little more than a few clicks of the mouse. However, the location of this feature varies in different versions of Word. The process of sorting a table alphabetically is similar to sorting a list, although since there are more sorting options there are more steps involved.

If your table contains multiple instances of the same word, you can include sorting by other columns as well. For instance, if the first column is Flowers and the second is Colors , you might have several entries for Roses in the first column.

In this situation, you would do the following:. You can also select Options i n the Sort dialog box for other advanced options. For instance, you can sort text alphabetically using tabs, commas, or other separators; you can make the sort case sensitive; you can also choose the language you want to use to sort text alphabetically in Word. If you have lists in multiple columns on the same page but not in a table, sorting alphabetically in Word might seem a bit more challenging.

The trick is to select each column, one at a time, and sort it the same way you sort a list. Share Pin Email. She's written tips and tutorials for Microsoft Office applications and other sites. Select all the text in your list. From the Home tab, select Sort to open the Sort Text box. In Word , alphabetizing in Word is a little different, but not difficult:. Select the text in your list. Go to the Table menu and select Sort to open the Sort Text box.

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You can sort a one-level bulleted or numbered list so the text appears in ascending A to Z or. When alphabetizing titles or group names as authors, go by the first. Does that mean that you alphabetize references as if the numbers were.

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Alphabetizing a bibliography may sound complicated, but it's really not. First, though, you must understand. How to Alphabetize in Word on a Mac. This wikiHow will teach you how to sort a list in Microsoft Word for Mac.

Sorting a Table

This can be done with a. If a work has no author or editor, alphabetize by the first word of the title other For each entry in the Works Cited, there should be a corresponding citation in the.

How to Alphabetize in Word

You can create an APA reference even if your source is missing one or more pieces of For example the title The best of Canada would be alphabetized as if it. The References list should be alphabetized by authors last name to make it easy to find a citation referred to in a p.

How do I automatically alphabetize a list in Word? - Ask COM Library

Select all of your citations and right-click. Create a Hanging Indent for Each of. Put in of what we can do. We also have some reference lists for you to play with in the 'Reference Lists' section. The citation entries themselves should be aligned with the left margin.

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